Professional Training Services



The Rafiki Consortium has experience providing direct services, supervision and program management in a variety of human service formats.  Rafiki specializes in providing training to professionals, paraprofessionals and community persons; which supports them in being family focused, spiritually based, culturally competent, solution oriented and totally empowering to their service populations.  Rafikis trainings are didactic, experiential and therapeutic for the participants. Rafiki provides training in the following areas:

Motivational Interviewing Stages of Change
Enriched Structural Family Therapy Counseling Skills
NTU Approach To Health & Healing Mediation/Conflict Resolution
Cultural Competency Family Therapy
Group Dynamics  Emotional Competence
Therapeutic Mindfulness Substance Abuse Counseling
Stress Management Anger Management
Clinical Supervision Clinical Documentation
Effective Communications •Team Building
Parenting & Co-Parenting Provider Self-Care
Burnout Prevention

Rafiki is known for training professional and paraprofessionals to:

  1. Provide effective collaboration with family systems;
  2. Deliver a competency-based approach to interventions, consultations and trainings;
  3. Skillfully integrate culturally competent concepts and practices into program development and service delivery;
  4. Utilize a set of clinical skills based on ethical and moral concepts; and
  5. Develop both professionally and personally using a parallel training process that focuses on both the transfer of skills and the integration of a self-reflective process for personal growth and maturity.