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Enriched Structural Family Therapy (ESFT), is the centerpiece of the family management and parenting skills training that Rafiki is offering.  It is a competency based, skills oriented, systems approach to working with families.  ESFT is a highly teachable model which works well,  providing participants with a solution-oriented process for improving family functioning and solving problems.  The model evolved out of the work of Henry Gregory, Jannette Meriweather Gregory, and Ross Ford.  This model is an enrichment of structural family therapy developed originally in the late 1960’s and the early 1970’s with minority families in Philadelphia, Baltimore and other urban centers.  The ESFT model is used by many human service agencies in Baltimore and Washington, DC.

Training is performed in the following manner:

· Training utilizes a competency oriented approach which focuses on the strengths of the individual and the family, thereby promoting feelings of safety and openness in the trainee.

· Training is skills oriented. Training focuses on a parallel process, utilizing the same skills with the trainees that are to be used with their families.  Conceptually, then, trainees will experience these skills as real and beneficial to their own lives before they attempt to influence others with them.

· Training respects the rights and abilities of individuals to make decisions about their lives, with the aid of a facilitator who helps to clarify communications, options and consequences.

· Training promotes independence, as it presupposes that everyone has an innate capacity and innate strength that can be focused as a foundation for change.  The trainings are designed to meet the needs and knowledge levels of the entire staff including clerical persons, security people and community persons as well as formally trained therapists.

All staff members are a part of the agency’s therapeutic milieu and should be trained to perform as such.   The trainings are both didactic and experiential, using visual, audio and video aids where applicable to present the material in an engaging and entertaining fashion.  A training manual that contains the training modules, relevant articles and other material will provided to each participant.