Jannette M. Gregory, LCSW-C


Jannette M. Gregory

Jannette Meriweather Gregory is a twenty-five year veteran of grass roots social work, specializing in family therapy at the community-based level.  She is an expert in parenting processes both professionally and personally as the mother of eight biological and step children as well as legion of foster children.  Ms Gregory was sanctioned in her role as a master clinician and trainer years before she received her masters in social work in 1995 from the University of Maryland and her license as a social work supervisor.  Ms. Gregory has served as the clinical director for W.I.N. Family Services, a foster care agency serving hard to place children and adolescents.  She provides supervision for The Regeneration Project, a psychiatric rehabilitation program that utilizes a family system’s approach.  Ms Gregory also is a partner, along with her husband, in the Rafiki Consortium LLC, a private consultant firm that provides direct services (individual, couples and family therapy) to families and consultation, training and technical assistance to public and private agencies.  Ms Gregory participated in the development and dissemination of “Enriched Structural Family Therapy” a treatment model that is used effectively by professionals and paraprofessionals to service underrepresented populations.  She also developed “Total Love Parenting”, a parenting curriculum designed to accommodate the basic needs of community parents and sophisticated needs of professional helpers. As a presenter Ms Gregory is known for her wit, energy and engaging style of presentation as well as her wealth of knowledge and practical skills.  She is an insightful clinician and trainer and an active advocate for families who is grounded by a deep spiritual understanding and a radiant love for people.